Friday, January 21, 2011

"I'm not a majesty...I'm a princess"

So Olivia never fails to amaze me with some of the things that come out of her mouth. The funny thing is thinking about the fact that most of it started in her brain. While there are times when she says something cute, there are often times she says something sarcastic. No matter what though, it is always funny.

Like, last weekend we were visiting my dad and mom #2. Well she was on the computer planning a card game and I was just watching. Olivia walks in and decides to stand right in front of me. "Umm, Olivia mommy can't see with your head in the way". She starts to whine about how she can't see if she moves and I point her to a spot a few inches over which will make us both happy. Well, instead of moving to where I pointed, she takes about five steps back, tilts her little head, puts one hip out, both hands in the air and with an attitude says "Well, if I stand here then you can see". While it was funny, it was one of her smart comment moments that drives me nuts.

Most recently we were in the car coming from the mall (one of her favorite places to go). One of her favorite songs was on, Ke$ha's "We r who we r". Instead of asking to turn it up, she politely says to Anthony "Daddy, you can turn this up". To which he replies, "Oh thank you your highness". Then Olivia says, "I'm not a highness" and he says "Oh, well thank you your majesty". "Daddy, I am NOT a majesty. I am a princess". This of course causes me and Anthony to laugh because it was too cute.

Those are the moments that I am very happy and thankful to have my little "princess" around to give me a good and much needed laugh.

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