Wednesday, January 12, 2011

" that a new baby in your belly??"

So for those of you that know me, you know that last year I lost my baby boy at 39 weeks. The doctors never could find the reason, but there was lots of speculation. Either way, Anthony and I have managed to wake up each day, smiling and happy, taking each day as it comes. Most would not even know by looking at us the big loss we suffered. And those that do, they are pretty surprised at how well we handle it. But on to the true matter at hand.

For the past few weeks, my lovely and sweet daughter has been making little comments about my weight. To put it in her exact words, "Mommy, you are FAT!!". "Thanks Olivia, that makes mommy feel awesome" is usually the sarcastic response she gets. Of course she has no idea that I am being sarcastic, but I think it makes me feel better.

Well, this past Saturday, I was in the bedroom sitting on the bed when Ms. Olivia comes in to see what I am doing. She stands there with her head kind of cocked to the side and looks at me. Then, all of a sudden she asks me "Mommy, is there a NEW baby in your belly?". Now because of what happened last year and because I do not want to confuse the poor child, I hesitated. But I am probably the worst liar, even to a four year old. So I said "Ummmmm....yes". Olivia then asked if she could kiss it and then went on her merry little way to finish playing.

It really amazed me because I am almost 13 weeks and showing a little. I was surprised that my four year old daughter could already see that I was pregnant. How come when we want them to see their dirty room, or the green beans on the dinner plate, that they all of a sudden do not know what we are talking about.

It goes to show, that kids ARE smarter than we think!!

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