Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Christmas Tree!!"

I remember Olivia's first Halloween just like it was yesterday. Dressed as the cutest little bumblebee! Which by the way, I got last minute at Toy's R Us for $7!! The costume was great, except for the wardrobe malfunction that happened once we got to the mall to go trick-or-treating. The wings fell off and as it comes with the mommy territory, I had to find a quick fix...staples. That's right, I stopped at a store and asked them to borrow their stapler so that I could staple the wings back to the straps (I guess you get what you pay for).

That year she hadn't really grasped the concept so Anthony and I did most of the candy grabbing which did not pay off. I think she got a total of ten pieces of candy that year. Which was probably a good thing for her and my figure! The next year she went as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (that's right...this is a Dallas Cowboy lovin' family!). That was the first year we went trick-or-treating with my friend Janice and her two girls.
That year was great because she kind of got the hang of it and a lot of candy to go with it. You see, my friend Janice lives in Ashburn which is what can be considered "Trick-or-Treat Heaven" for little kids because there are lots of house and lots of candy. I mean, there are some that give out Full Size candy bars. Last year had to be the best by far. Olivia went as a lion...

It was nice that night and we were ready and knew where to hit first in Ashburn. Even Olivia was ready to hit the ground running! We started at 6:00pm with smiles on our faces, bag (and back up bag ready!) and went to the first house. Olivia walked up to the first house and when they opened it she said as loud as she could "Christmas tree!!!" and held out her bag. We all laughed so hard, even Olivia because she had no clue why we were laughing. The people at the house that it was so cute that they gave her extra candy. Last year, we had so much candy that her bag was too full that we had to use the back up bag. This year she decided to be a princess...

We were running a little late this year but even with an hour less than years past...she still hit the candy jackpot.

Now, you can't really tell that well from the picture but the pile of candy is actually about four inches high. As you can see, her and daddy were pretty happy with their spoils! So much for loosing those extra pounds. Initiate candy coma! 

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