Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ok, so many of us that use computers on a daily basis know the timeless "fix all" function for computers is usually "Ctrl+Alt+Delete". This is the magic function that is "supposed" to fix almost anything that is wrong with your computer. System freezes..."Ctrl+Alt+Delete". Get an error..."Ctrl+Alt+Delete". Child jumps on CPU..."Ctrl+Alt+Delete". Computer gets infected by a bunch of different viruses..."Ctrl+Alt+SOL".

I have had my desktop computer for almost nine years now and of those nine I have probably used it for two of them. Why you may ask? Didn't not have regular Internet for most of the time, which would have been the main reason for using it up until now. I am currently going to school and need a computer more than ever. So I dug out my Dell and hooked it up! It worked fine for the past year, that is until...that's right you guessed it, it became infected! Whenever I try to get on, I get a big black box that says "STOP, your system has been infected...". First thought was "Yay, new computer" and then reality sunk in which was "With whose money?"

On that note, computer shopping began and I realized my dream computer would be an IMac (they are so beautiful!). Again, reality sunk in and a PC was it. We have been to Best Buy, Dell.com, Wal-Mart, etc. and finally took the hint that we do not have the budget for a new computer right now. So, Anthony and I decided that the next option would be to purchase some Antivirus software and try and fix it ourselves.

This past Sunday we went to Best Buy and purchased the latest Norton Antivirus software. I was excited to get home, pop it in and show those viruses who the boss was. Boy was I wrong! I couldn't even get it installed. I called the company that makes Norton and conversation below...

"Yes, I am calling because I purchased your software because my computer has been infected and the problem is that I can not even load it."
"Ok ma'am, I know exactly what the problem is. The software is to "prevent" attacks and your system has already been infected. We can "easily" fix this by having one of our technicians completely clear out your system, wipe the hard drive and install the software. It will be as if your system was brand new!"
"Ok, great! When do we start." And here comes the kicker...
"No problem, we can get started right away. We offer this premium service for $139.99."

And with that, I politely said no thank you and hung up the phone. (Ok, for those who really know me I kind of let out some sarcasm and then hung up the phone). Then like in a cartoon, that little light bulb went off over my head and I realized that I should just ask my IT guy at work.

Went in this morning and got some advice and a CD with software to blow those virus to...never mind, you get the picture. So here I am at home, ready to fix the problem. Turned on the computer and this is what I got...

What happened to the days when all you needed to do was a simple "Ctrl+Alt+Delete"?

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  1. This sucks! I know exactly what you are going thru...want an iMac SOOO BAD, but they are too pricey. So instead Jay is trying to fix up my six-year old Dell. Fingers crossed it works...