Monday, November 15, 2010


For some reason Olivia enjoys being naked. I mean, the child shuns clothes like it is a plague. This girl is so into being "free" that the other day, within 1 minute of being home she had already stripped down to her birthday suit. My jaw dropped and I laughed so hard. I told her to go put on a t-shirt and some underwear at least, which caused her to stomp, pout and finally do what she was told. This incident, along with the others, raised the question of where did she get this from? I thought back and remembered the first time I met Anthony's father's side of the family...

A few years ago, Anthony and I went on a week long trip to Louisiana. We went to visit a friend and for me to meet his father's side of the family for the first time. I am sure you can guess that I was pretty nervous, but I was also excited at the same time. We decided to drive down with two of our friends that we worked with at Olive Garden at that time. Mainly because we were going to see the brother of one of the friends and the brother was our friend as well. Did I confuse you enough?

Anyway, it was a long 18 hour drive that I will never forget. That was my first and last experience with Red Bull (I will always be a coffee girl!). When we got there we went to our motel, which happened to be right next to a crack house/area. So, because we were all really nervous about that, we rented one room and all four of us crammed in there with EVERYTHING that we brought (including the car radio).

The first few days we did some touring and eating (actually we ate the whole time because you can not get southern food that good unless you are in the south). We finally went to visit his family and I loved them from the moment we said hello. There was no awkwardness or nervousness, they felt just like they were my family that I have known for a long time. They showed me pictures, took us around to see other family and then the stories.

The one thing that stumped me for a while was that they kept calling Anthony "Butt Naked Butt". I kept wondering why but was too scared to ask. Finally, they told me the story about how Anthony aka B.N.B., never liked to keep his clothes on. He always wanted to run around the house with nothing on but what God gave him. I laughed and enjoyed the fact that I had a knew nickname for him.

Ever since then, I do call him that whenever...well you know what I mean. But now I see that we will have to pass that name on to Olivia. Or at least call her B.N.B. J....Butt Naked Butt Jr.!!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHHAAH! That's some blackmail piece of information :) Hilarious!