Thursday, October 28, 2010

When Goats Attack...??

For some of us, before we become parents we like to think of all the possible things we are going to do with our children. We try and say that we are going to make every game, play recital, chorus performance and occasionally we throw in the field trip. Well, Olivia is not at many of the stages I mentioned above but she is at the one for going on class trips with her daycare center. This would be her first so I decided that I was going to make every attempt to go with her. Let's just say that after two reschedules by the center, it finally happened.

Today was the day I went with Olivia to her first field trip and it was to Cox Farms. Neither one of us had ever been, I have heard so much about how much fun it is. There is a hay ride, free pumpkin, slides, free pumpkin, animals, free pumpkin, music stage...wait, did I mention the free pumpkin? Yes, I was most excited about receiving a free pumpkin at the end of the trip and the keyword was free.

Now, just to give some visuals here, it read ALL day yesterday and it was pretty warm. They had already cancelled due to rain the day before so I was thinking they were going to cancel again. Well, woke up today and it was nice, sunny and in the 70s. I was ready to go and prepared to get a little muddy. We started with the slides, which each kid had to ride each one at least twice to satisfy their "need for speed"!

Once the sliding was done we walked over to see the pigs...

As you can probably gather from the "smell"...I mean pictures, you get the point. They smelled horrible given the heat, mud and hay. Following the pig visit, there was a trip to see the cows and guessed it, goats. Now, I am not familiar with any farm animals except for what I read or hear or see on TV. I figured that they were like I had perceived them which was that they rammed people. I guess this goats were friendly because they had them set up in the Goat Village. You could go inside and feed them. So we got the food and headed in with the kids. I was handed the bag of food to distribute to the kids so that they could feed the goats (boy did I regret that job).

As soon as we got in with the kids we were surrounded by "hungry" goats who knew exactly what was in the brown paper bag that I was holding. Let's just say, I turned to the fours kids next to me to try and get them ready and when I turned back around...can you guess what was in my face? No...well let me tell you, I was face to face with a goat. It had put it's to front legs on me and was trying to get the food. Turned back around and another goat had done the same. At that point, another parent was shouting for me to just dump the bag of food on the ground and let's head out. No matter how fast I was throwing that bag around, the goats would not let up. The kids started crying and the goats just kept on coming. I finally emptied the bag, grabbed the child next to me and we hurried out. Remember the part about mud...well, I was the only one from the trip that ended up being layered in mud.

After that, we did our hay ride, ate snack and went down another slide. At that point it was time to head back to the center so that the kids could have lunch. Then kept the part I was most excited for...pumpkin...I mean "free" pumpkin time! The rule was one pumpkin per person which made me even happier. So, at the end of the day what did I learn...

Entry into the farm...$9
Food for the hungry goats...$1
Being "attacked" by hungry goats in mud...priceless!

But, at least Olivia and I got what we were really looking for anyway...

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