Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Girl!

"Good Morning Olivia, time to wake up!"
"But mommy I'm tired."
"Look, I'm up now."

That is how this morning started. Today my little princess in training is 4 years old. It seems like yesterday that she was just born. It was exactly 1:19 a.m. that my 8lb, 20-in long baby girl was born. After a week past her due date and 21 hours of exhausting labor due to her stubbornness (that she still practices to this day), she entered this world. Even at first glance, I knew she was going to be my little "Mini Me".

It is true what most parents say, "Don't blink or the next thing you know, they are all grown up". I remember rushing through that first year of her life. Wanting her to hurry up and be able to eat baby food. Hurry so that she could crawl. Wanting to rush to hear her say "Mama or Dada" for the first time. Wishing that she would start walking. Anxiously waiting for her to talk and form sentences. All those milestones I wanted to hurry up and experience, are now the ones I want to go back and remember.

Now I am preparing myself for the days of not wanting mommy to give you a goodbye kiss. The times when she no longer wants to sit and cuddle with me. The time that is gonna come when she is actually embarrassed by my presence (but I am already making a vow not to be one of THOSE moms if you get my drift). When everything I say is wrong, even though I am telling her for her own good.

This birthday wish that I am secretly making on her behalf is to stop and really experience, enjoy, cherish and live every single moment that we spend together.

Happy Birthday Olivia!! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know!!

Olivia's 1st Birthday!!

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